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Daybreak Community Church is Network Affiliated church with the Northwest Ministry Network of the Assemblies of God. Through our regional and national partnerships, we network with churches and organizations all over the world for evangelism, discipleship, theological accountability, compassion, and relief ministries.




WE BELIEVE…The Scriptures are Inspired by God and declare His design and plan for mankind.


WE BELIEVE…There is only one true God, revealed in three persons…Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (commonly known as the Trinity).


WE BELIEVE…In the Deity of the Lord Jesus Christ, as God’s son, Jesus was both human and divine, who 

died on the cross for our sins and three days later rose from the dead.


WE BELIEVE…Every person can have a restored relationship with God through salvation (accepting Christ’s offer of forgiveness for sin).


WE BELIEVE…In the practice of two ordinances, (1) water baptism by immersion after repenting of one’s sins and receiving Christ’s gift of salvation, and (2) Holy Communion (the Lord’s Supper) as a symbolic remembrance of Christ’s suffering and death for our salvation.


WE BELIEVE…The baptism in the Holy Spirit is a special experience following salvation, that empowers believers for witnessing and effective service, just as it did in New Testament times.


WE BELIEVE…The Church has a mission to seek and save all who are lost in sin.


WE BELIEVE…In the Divine healing of the sick. 


WE BELIEVE…In the second coming of Christ, returning for His church. (The Blessed Hope)


WE BELIEVE…and look forward to the perfect New Heaven and New Earth that Christ is preparing for all people, of all time, who have accepted Him. 

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